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Why VA Mortgage Corp?

At VA Mortgage Corp, we’ve made it our mission to be a different kind of mortgage provider with an unwavering focus on helping Americans achieve and sustain the dream of homeownership. This is made possible through the hard work and dedication of our loyal employees and referral partners who individually and collectively invest their talent, energy and commitment to drive success.

Our core values – Be Accountable, Reliable and Ethical. Point the way to doing the right thing, help guide our interactions, support our decision-making and shape our culture.

Definition of a mortgage broker – A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary who brokers mortgage loans on behalf of individuals or businesses. Traditionally, banks and other lending institutions have sold their own products. As markets for mortgages have become more competitive, however, the role of the mortgage broker has become more popular. In many developed mortgage markets today, mortgage brokers are the largest sellers of mortgage products for lenders.

Our Culture
Our people are at the heart of our culture of innovation and service. We seek out bright minds from diverse backgrounds in our quest to build the teams that will help generations of people fulfill the dream of homeownership.

Growth is a shared experience at VA Mortgage Corp, we aim to create an environment that cultivates and allows potential both professionally and personally.

If you have a current mortgage career providing exceptional service, have serviced clients and referral partners for preferably 5 years and want to offer your customers more options and competitive rates, we want to talk to you.

Email your resume to info@vamortgagecorp.com or go to our careers page.

In many markets across the country, the number of buyers searching for their dream homes outnumbers the number of homes for sale. This has led to a competitive marketplace where buyers often need to stand out. One way to show you are serious about buying your dream home is to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage before starting your search.

Even if you are in a market that is not as competitive, understanding your budget will give you the confidence of knowing if your dream home is within your reach.

Freddie Mac lays out the advantages of pre-approval in the ‘My Home’ section of their website:

“It’s highly recommended that you work with your lender to get pre-approved before you begin house hunting. Pre-approval will tell you how much home you can afford and can help you move faster, and with greater confidence, in competitive markets.”

One of the many advantages of working with a local real estate professional is that many have relationships with lenders who will be able to help you through this process. Once you have selected a lender, you will need to fill out their loan application and provide them with important information regarding “your credit, debt, work history, down payment and residential history.”

Freddie Mac describes the ‘4 Cs’ that help determine the amount you will be qualified to borrow:

Capacity: Your current and future ability to make your payments
Capital or cash reserves: The money, savings, and investments you have that can be sold quickly for cash
Collateral: The home, or type of home, that you would like to purchase
Credit: Your history of paying bills and other debts on time

Getting pre-approved is one of many steps that will show home sellers that you are serious about buying, and it often helps speed up the process once your offer has been accepted.
Bottom Line
Many potential homebuyers overestimate the down payment and credit scores necessary to qualify for a mortgage today. If you are ready and willing to buy, you may be pleasantly surprised at your ability to do so.

Resource: Keeping Current Matters

We know that buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. That is why we have put together a list of 9 great tips to assist you in making your best buying decision:

#1- Know your budget. Before going out and looking at homes, get to know how much home you can comfortably afford. Make sure that when you are calculating, you research and consider all of the costs that come along with the transaction, such as the down payment, property taxes, insurance, and closing costs. Here at VA Mortgage Corp- we do all of that hard work for you. We can get you prequalified within minutes, and completely free.

#2- Take a lot of pictures. Snap pics of both the interior and exterior of the home. If there are any features that really stick out to you that you would like to remember, this is the perfect way to keep it fresh in your memory. Doing this will make it much easier when you have to compare homes later, almost making it a side by side comparison!

#3- Bring along a friend. Or a family member. Just having one person there with you is good, so you are not overwhelmed by their opinions, but so you have an extra set of eyes and someone to bounce thoughts back and forth with.

#4- Think about proximity. This is going to be your new home base, so you will want to make sure it is not too far from the locations you frequent, such as work or school. Unless you like your “me time” in the car on your way to work every morning, make sure the commute isn’t too much of a hassle. 

#5- Choose a neighborhood. Going hand in hand with proximity, choosing the right neighborhood is just as important. Try to consider the amenities and characteristics you would like your new community to have. Especially if you have kids, this will not only determine what schools they will be attending, but remember to consider the crime stats as well. 

#6- Get with a reliable Realtor. These are the professional house hunters themselves, so they can help alleviate the stress and take some weight off of your shoulders. A good realtor will offer their expertise and opinions with your best interest in mind, making the whole process quicker and more efficient. Ask for recommendations from friends or family to find an experienced agent in your area. 

#7- Look for hidden problems. This is where a real estate agent will come in handy as well, as they will know what to look for. It is possible that there are defects within the home that the seller did not disclose. Keep an eye out for a rug or piece of furniture in an odd spot, there is a possibility it is covering up a problem. Make sure to check all areas thoroughly, especially during your walk through, to ensure there are no surprises after closing.

#8- Learn your NEEDS vs. WANTS. As tough as it is, you will need to prioritize what is actually necessary to avoid racking up additional unneeded costs. If you communicate the things you really need to your Realtor, they will also ensure that you are not wasting time looking at properties that do not suit those needs. 

#9- Know all additional costs. When you are first choosing a home, make sure to ask your Realtor about HOA/Condo fees, or inspection fees that are known upfront. Once you have started the financing process, it is important that you are not blindsided by any hidden fees at the closing table. Here at VA Mortgage Corp, we strive to make sure you are kept involved and informed throughout the entire process. We will ensure you have a good understanding of any fees such as survey costs, insurance costs, and taxes. 

Have any other questions? Give us a call today at 833- START VA or 833-782-7882. We are always happy to help!